Top 5 Cross-Platform Frameworks to Build Successful Healthcare Application Ideas

In a world where digital patient records and electronic health reports are the norm, cross-platform frameworks should be considered when developing a healthcare application. With a plethora of technologies being used in patient care today, it is imperative that a solid platform can be developed to suit the needs of each healthcare system. As most platforms are based on the Windows and Mac environment, many people wonder which operating system they should choose to develop their application. The fact is there are numerous cross-platform options available for programmers to choose from and that every platform has something to offer the healthcare industry. So here are five of the more popular choices:

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Onyx is a cross-platform framework that is used for creating mobile and tablet applications. With an elegant design that fits into both small and large devices, Onyx was one of the first cross-platform mobile apps to hit the market with its visually appealing interface and features such as push notifications and integration with iPhones and Android phones. The popular Onyx framework based mobile app offers a clean and simple user experience with rich graphics for great visual appeal. Users do not have to worry about compatibility issues as Onyx runs seamlessly on both iOS and Android. With an extensive set of tools, the mobile application of Onyx offers great functionality such as access control, user authentication, email functionality and integration with social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook.

Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile and browser-based development environment that enables developers to create beautiful cross-platform mobile apps with fully optimized code. With a highly stable platform that features security protection, reliability and extensibility, Xamarin provides a reliable alternative to developing native applications. Xamarin offers various monetization options for its users such as advertising and tracking conversions and allows them to integrate third party services such as VPS, CDI and PaaS. This open source cross-platform framework offers great mobility solutions to business owners, allowing them to use their mobile devices to manage and view their applications at any time. Additionally, a large community of developers and designers contributes to the maintenance of the Xamarin platform.

As mentioned above, Xamarin is a cross-platform development environment that enables mobile and web applications in many industries, including healthcare. Another important aspect of this cross-platform mobile and browser based framework is its security, which makes it a preferred choice for enterprise-based apps. One of the main advantages of using Xamarin for your mobile healthcare application development is the security options it offers. One such option is digitally signed certificates, which ensures that only authorized users have access to the information contained within the app. In addition, the platform also offers full authentication and integrity, assuring that your mobile applications run in the secured environment designed for them.

Finally, you can choose from a mobile web-based or desktop-based mobile application development platform. If your company requires mobile software to be developed on mobile devices, you should consider developing your mobile application with PhoneGap, which is a free cross-platform tool for mobile websites. PhoneGap allows you to build mobile websites quickly and test them on real smartphones and tablets, without the need to invest in new mobile devices. It is also an ideal option for businesses that need to distribute mobile apps but do not have the budget to purchase new devices.

To develop mobile apps that run on a variety of devices and browsers, you should consider using Cordless Application Accelerator (CAA). CAA is a set of four cross-platform software solutions that enable you to quickly create, test, and debug mobile apps. Cordless Application Accelerator can be used along with the other cross-platform frameworks to create successful mobile commerce and apps.

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